Greatest Hits (VHS)
Greatest Hits VHS




Capitol Home Video

The "Greatest Hits" VHS release is a collection of ten Sawyer Brown music videos. The home video was released by Capitol Home Video to coincide with the release of the band's Greatest Hits album. The compilation includes every video Sawyer Brown had released to that point, with one minor alteration. The original video for "I Did It for Love" included performance footage and story footage. For the home video release it was re-edited to only include the performance footage.

Music VideosEdit

  1. Shakin'
  2. My Baby's Gone
  3. Somewhere in the Night
  4. Betty's Bein' Bad
  5. When Love Comes Callin'
  6. Out Goin' Cattin'
  7. Step That Step
  8. Heart Don't Fall Now
  9. I Did It for Love
  10. The Race is On